We are one of them - the alugha player is now on embed.ly

The alugha player now works on countless websites and portals!

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We did it! We have fixed a problem we repeatedly tried to solve, but to no avail - until now! Because the alugha player has a new friend: embed.ly! We explain to you what’s so fantastic about this.

Previously on…

Until now, our alugha baby, when embedded in various websites, only worked with our HTML embed code, which, however, mainly worked on specific websites, or with the extension - Twitter being the exception. Simply put, this was of course rather unfavorable. We finally addressed this problem and can now promise you: we do work. But how so?


This problem could be solved with the help of embed.ly. The website developed a framework that makes sure that the respective player is able to communicate with their API (application programming interface). So what we did was the following: Our brain, Nikas, rebuild the alugha player so that it can communicate with the embed.ly API! Now, the incredible has happened: our alugha player works on every website that works with and thanks to embed.ly. Of course, this step wasn’t as easy as it sounds. We had to apply to embed.ly first and then we were fortunate enough to get qualified. But it’s done and you can now just copy the video link and paste it into the respective website. How the embedded videos are displayed depends on the website. Some websites directly display the player, others first the thumbnail that has to be clicked for the player to load. As easy and uncomplicated as this sounds, we can promise you, it was unbelievable hard work!

Name after name

So now we are really close to everyone that’s important. Because we now work on Medium, LinkedIN (at the moment only in articles and profiles, not yet in the feed), YAHOO!, Alijazeera, Msnbc, The Guardian, Reddit, Kickstarter, Microsoft, and many many more! Why is that so important? Because multilingual videos are simply the right step into the future. Global understanding - with alugha!

We are incredibly proud to have made it so far already, but there is still more to come! You are in for more sensations later this year.

Greetings from the whole alugha team!





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