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Work consequently, stay motivated, the effort will pay off.

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How long have you been working for alugha?

I started two and a half years ago at alugha as a working student.

What's the first thing you do in the office?

Open my Macbook, peek into our chat system and getting some coffee to start the day.

What part of your job do you enjoy most?

I like seeing how the things you're working on every day develop. And I enjoy when "Cookie" (one of the office dogs) comes by to say hello.

Which project / task / experience did you enjoy most in the last year?

I have the most fun with large projects from the conception phase to the actual implementation. The alugha dubbr was one of those complex but very exciting projects.

What has made you laugh today?

So far nothing, it's still Monday morning (haha).

No workplace is perfect. What would you like to change at alugha?

We definitely could improve our approaches. But before that can happen, the company has to grow a little more.

Have you discovered a new side to yourself?

Goal-orientation comes with age. I notice more and more how goal-orientated I've become. I think alugha, the working style and the responsibility have contributed to what I am today.

To what extent did the international team influence you?

I believe that the contact with other cultures expands your horizon, breaks prejudices and promotes creativity in a team.

What challenge did you have to face?

New tasks always are a challenge. But when you approach them consequently and goal-oriented you can manage everything.

What's your personal big dream?

My dreams would be to develop professionally and work from somewhere else in the future, e. g. at the beach in Sitges (Catalonia), where I could eat tapas while doing my work.

What's your advice to a new alughan?

Work consequently, stay motivated, the effort will pay off.





Seit du da bist haben wir so richtig geilen Style bekommen! Freuen uns schon auf die nächsten Jahre. Die Besten für die Besten :)

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