Lots of tears and a message - film review “Me before you”

The romantic drama makes sure that the viewers don’t leave the theaters completely desperate despite William Traynor’s decision.

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If you are going to watch “Me before you” in theaters, you must be equipped with the following: lots of tissues. Because the adapted novel is as sad as it is beautiful. However, the film is above all a love story of a very different kind. True, it is filled with cliches, but the film also conveys a completely different and, at the same time, important message: to live in and enjoy the moment.

When joy and sorrow collide

“Me before you” tells the story of the severely disabled and care-dependent William Traynor (Sam Claflin), who seeks euthanasia. However, he promised his parents that he'd wait six months. This is where Louisa Clark comes into play. She is to take care of him for that period of time. At first, Traynor is quite bitter and withdrawn, but little by little, he lets Clark in into his lonely world. Until both of them fall for each other. Clark and Will’s parents hope more and more that Will chooses love and life.

The romantic drama makes sure that the viewers don’t leave the theaters completely desperate despite William Traynor’s decision. This is thanks to Louisa Clark’s character, who injects humor into the sad story with her clumsy yet still endearing manner. She especially makes the viewers breathe a sigh of relief when she does not lose the courage to face life in spite of all the events. She shows her strength by attending Will on his path to suicide. In the course of this, Clarke turns out to be extremely diverse and talented. Sam Claflin is just as good as her. He plays his role of an almost completely paralyzed man credibly and authentically.

Fortunately, the film conveys the value of the moment despite the events. In several small and big moments which William and Louisa experience together, the significance of the here and now is an artistic priority. Whether it is the visit to the opera, Will’s first shave in months or the dance at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding, for a certain period of time, Will forgets his hard fate and lives in the moment - thanks to Louisa. On the other hand, there is the heartbreaking scene at the beach when William reveals to Louisa that their love won’t change his decision. Completely uncomprehending and deeply hurt, she departs. But after some reflection, Louisa gets strong enough to accompany her friend on his journey.  

Even if the film’s ending can’t be called a happy ending, the viewer is brought back to reality very peacefully and slowly. What remains is the pure gratefulness of being healthy! 

We say: great film. Watch it! :-)


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