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Being a leader is not for everyone. Every manager should be human in the first place. But for that, he needs to act like a human at all times for the purpose of motivation, leadership and respect.

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Every day, I’m see a large number of published articles, workshops, seminars, a lot of people trying to grasp something so obvious: leadership and its challenges. They complicate something simple. Leadership is respect in the first place. 

If a professional doesn’t respect himself, he can never become a leader. Can you imagine how he would treat other people? Respect is something you have to learn as child. You can’t teach it to someone who is full of convictions and dogmas. Do you know why? How can you teach leadership to someone who: 

  • has no humanity
  • doesn’t care about others
  • doesn’t share
  • has no compassion
  • has difficulties listening without judging rashly

Books, workshops and seminars can rarely make up for the lacking formation of the individual character. Leadership means to serve selflessly. A true leader knows that his actions will bring results. He doesn’t need stages, spotlights nor applause. 

A true leader creates motivation to overcome challenges with enthusiasm, commitment and responsibility. 

  • He lets his co-workers grow. 
  • He makes his coworkers feel as an important part of the process. 
  • He makes everyone feel like he belongs. 

Leadership is only for a few. We don’t have the right to play with the lives or hopes of others. We don’t have the right to sabotage dreams. Leadership is about respect. Many people are lost, unprotected. Don’t shut the door in their face. Don’t treat them with disrespect. 

More about the author

This text by Julio Correia Neto, co-director and founder of JCN Corporate Management, was published on Linkedin. He also worked as business reorganiser, mentor, speaker and writer. He occupied executive positions at companies like Ernst & Young Auditores, Vale, Intelig, Hyundai Heavy, Leader Magazine, Probank, Grupo Trigo, Certisign, Victori, Tim Celular, amongst others. 

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