Karaoke with Princess Xenia

Translate Xenia's song "Feel it in the Air" and record your own version!

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Multi-audio tracks are not just relevant for languages. Especially in creative industries, it is a very exciting tool to experience the contents of films or the deeper meanings of a song. We are always on the look-out for exciting and even crazy projects to bring this more meaningful experience closer to our users. So now, we’d like to officially present: JULIEN LOONG feat. XPVS (XENIA PRINCESS OF SAXONY) with their debut song as a karaoke contest, alugha style.

We are all the more pleased to have enthused several extraordinarily creative and cool people to work on a project based on this idea. Quality is very important to us, and when it comes to audio, we place great trust in Adam Kesselhaut and Martin Waschkowitsch (aka Lucky) at BEWAKE STUDIOS in Berlin. And as is often the case, the BEWAKE has equally creative people buzzing around them. Thanks to the (positively) crazy producer team of JULIEN LOONG and singer/DJ XPVS (Xenia Princess of Saxony), a really cool song was created which they call,




But what does that have to do with alugha and why are we writing about it? If you change the language in the video, then you can switch to a karaoke track. This is where it gets exciting!

With our dubbr and the collaboration tools, it is possible that you can work together with us all to create a truly extraordinary project. We are looking for your voice, your interpretation, your language ... Whether it be Japanese, German, Spanish, a certain dialect, male or female voice. ... Can you come up with a better text? You can do it your way!

We are thrilled to see what comes out of this and how you express your creativity. Xenia and her team of producers will decide who created the best version. The winners will be presented on all our social media, as well as on our platform. They will also receive an “influencer account” for free for one year AND a cash prize of 250 euros. So grab your mic!

Terms & conditions

  • Anyone aged 18 or over can enter the contest. Employees of alugha GmbH are excluded from participation.
  • The deadline for participation is November 11, 2019, 11.59 pm. Later submissions are excluded from participation
  • Participation is only possible online and only as described under “How to participate”.
  • For the purpose of the contest, Alugha GmbH may contact you via the e-mail address linked to your alugha account. 
  • Alugha GmbH reserves the right to use all entries including mentioning the alugha username for advertising purposes.
  • This contest is run by Alugha GmbH [O7, 17, 68161 Mannheim].
  • The prize is not transferable. A cash payment of the value of a small business account is not possible.
  • Recourse to legal action is excluded.

How to participate:

  1. Create a free alugha account (create an account).
  2. In the comments below this video, tell us the language in which you want to sing your karaoke version. Spanish, Chinese, or Elvish, your creativity knows no bounds! Multiple versions of the same language can also be created.
  3. Within 24 hours, the alugha team will send you an email with a personal invitation to our online dubbing tool.
  4. This is where you will learn all the relevant steps to create your karaoke version of FEEL IT IN THE AIR. (Please note submission deadline)

Selection of winners and distribution of prizes:

After the deadline, the jury, consisting of Adam, Lucky, Julien and Xenia, industry experts, will select a total of 5 winners.

By November 15, 2019, Alugha will inform the winners how the prizes will be distributed by email.

Prize: each winner will receive 250€ & an alugha small business account (value 468 €) for free for 1 year.


Studio: www.bewake.studio

Prinzessin Xenia

Website: https://www.mesanicmusic.com/xenia
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/princess_xenia_of_saxony/

Julien Loong

Website: www.julienloong.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/julienloong/





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