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Alugha Updates | July 2020 - what's new at alugha

Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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That's why we constantly develop, tweak, update and expand our tools and features. Big changes and new feature releases will be announced via email and in our blog section, but there are a lot of improvements happening on a daily basis that you might have missed. We also enjoy receiving your feedback so that we can integrate your ideas into our platform. Send your ideas and feature requests to: support@alugha.com

You can read up on the latest changes below.

27. July 2020

  • Improvement: Migrating press pages/section from angular to react
  • Improvement: implement alugha classics-Section in VideoOverview + VideoInfo portrait thumbnail
    Thats a cool update! We've taken the next step and made it possible for our video producers to include portrait thumbnails for DVD/BD boxes and movie posters on their videos.


  • Fix: Registration confirmation is broken, the already-logged-in page is shown instead
  • Fix: When registering through collaboration invites, the logout prompt breaks the redirect
  • Fix: Didn't set language and draft state for new created article
  • Fix: Get wrong error for exisiting yt-videos
  • Fix: Update video error enum
  • Improvement: Update create video handlers / funtions
  • Fix: Fix navbar alignment
  • Improvement: STT can now recognize up to 28 languages
  • Improvement: Autosegmentation in the dubbr
    That's a big update! From now on our mega big update for our AI in the Speech 2 Text section is available for the first users. We not only support 28 languages, but also automatic segmentation and recognition of punctuation marks! Here is a demo video:


  • Improvement: Enable all languages for "nextgen" skynet S2T / auto segmenting

20 July 2020

  • Improvement: We integrated the press section into our React codebase. Another important step to drop Angular.
  • Improvement: Miscellaneous style improvements for alucation
  • BIG Improvement: Lazy load categories on the video overview. This is a HUGE performance boost!
  • Improvement: Added a shortcut to show the desired page number. This will save you a lot of time clicking through the pages on the video overview.

  • Fix: Resolved an issue where users could not remove their dubbr segments under certain conditions
  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented users to invite collaborators to their projects → now there should be nothing in your way. 

13. July 2020

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that relied on a static URL structure for assets taken from the library 
  • Fix: The alugha player now starts as expected when a user has blocked cookies and localStorage directly in the browser settings
  • Improvement: Added "alugha Travel and Points" section to the video overview (https://alugha.com/all)
  • Improvement: Link to edit article after creation and check description slice
  • Improvement: Added "most popular channels" section to the video overview (https://alugha.com/all)
    Thats a cool update! Now you can see the trend on alugha right on the first page with the top ten of alugha videos...
  • Fixed a bug where the producer page did not render under certain circumstances
  • Fix: Added a shortcut to the video cards where you could jump from one of your videos directly to the dubbr
    Thats a cool Update! We established a new possiblity to edit your own video as a producer in the dubbr. From now on you'll find a link to the dubbr in the context menu from your video (the small pop-up that appears clicking on the three dots in the bottom right corner of the video card. 
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where the user's plan does not update immediately after the successful redemption of an AppSumo code. The quota (i.e. streaming, upload and encoding minutes) do also update immediately now.
  • Improvement: Introduce custom license 
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where the dubbr crashes after adding or removing a subtitle segment under certain circumstances

07. July 2020

  • Improvement: Integrate and swtich to Weblate
    That's a big update! From now on the translation of alugha websites and services will be much easier. We have switched completely to Weblate and thus simplified and accelerated the workflow of translations.
  • Improvement: Always minimize all tracks in the timeline that are not active or locked
    That's a big update! From now on you will only see the complete track you are working on in the dubbr. For that you can pin the main track at the top and customize the timeline view in the dubbr to your own needs with certain key combinations.
  • Improvement: Take quotaBoost into account
    That's a big update! Yeah, one more! It is now possible for users to "top up" individual quotas individually. Be it for streaming, hosting, encoding... We have built an extra admin area where this can be done easily. In addition, we can now also build promo packages directly and pass them on to the users.
  • Improvement: Smooth out login process by providing more detailed error messages
  • Improvement: VideoCards limit depending on windowSize + cardMenu positioning
  • Fix: Resizing browser windows triggers scrollintoview
  • Improvement: Remove alucation-section in VideoOverview
  • Improvement: Add Points+Travel section in VideoOverview
  • Improvement: Include users parameter in videos query graphql
  • Improvement: For AppSumo Users better explanation about the difference between plans and extra minutes
  • Fix: getTrackTagsQuery is missing showUnlistedTracks
  • Fix: Make sure we always import at least one format from YT
  • Improvement: create graphql query to filter most popular users
  • Fix: Users can not submit vtt/srt with input files larger tha 100kB





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