“The Circle” - Dystopia coming to theaters

A story of our time! “The Circle” is coming to the German big screen in May - We have the multilingual trailer!

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David Egger’s bestseller novel “The Circle” is scheduled to be released in Germany in May 2017. Released in 2013 and made into a film in 2016, the novel tells the story of the internet monopoly “The Circle”, where everything revolves around social control. 

With Emma Watson (Mae Holland), Tom Hanks (Eamon Bailey) and many other known actors, the cast of The Circle is full of extremely talented actors. 

“All that happens must be known”

The film starts with the hiring of Mae Holland at the leading internet provider “The Circle”. With the help of her college friend Annie, who is a big shot at the Circle herself and very proud of it, Mae lands the job. She starts out in Customer Experience and works her way up in the company fast. Right in the beginning of the film it becomes clear that the Circle’s aim is to eliminate their employee’s privacy and create complete social control. What starts with a good intention, namely minimizing kidnapping, ends with enforcing transparency of politicians and private persons. In this process, Mae becomes the poster child of the Circle and every second of her life is made available to the whole world. Only her anonymous lover Kalden, of whom she only knows his name, succeeds in stopping her being transparent for a certain time. Step by step, Mae learns the disadvantages she has to suffer from her job: Her family stays away from her, she has no privacy anymore and her former friend Annie, who got her the job in the first place, envies her promotion and wants nothing to do with her anymore. The story reaches its climax when Mae’s ex-boyfriend, who has warned her from the beginning about the Circle, commits suicide after a chase with Circle drones. 

Whether things come “full Circle” or the internet monopoly collapses, find out in theaters, as usual.

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