Human Science (Part 1) - The Gut Brain Axis, Microbiome & the power of Probiotics

Fascinating new research tells us that our gut exerts an influence on the brain, affecting our mood, hormonal balance and obesity levels. Ps. Big welcome to all new subscribers! For more research, here's a starting point: Also: Sneaky Snitch Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License You can support this channel here:

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Positive psychology (Part 5) - The reptilian brain

The Reptilian R-Complex is the part of us that's only concerned with survival. This works at odds with us reaching our higher potential. Making the shift from this mode of thinking to a higher one such as gratitude, is in fact a far better business strategy. March of the Spoons Kevin MacLeod (inco

Siddhartha in Verse (International Kids Film Festival)

International Kids Film Festival (2019) TBIFF (2019) [Winner - Best direction] Katalyst Film Event (2019) [Officially selected] This video tells the story of Gautama Siddhartha Buddha in verse form. A retelling of an old classic story - suited to all kids aged 3-93 years of age. Teller of