6 Signs Someone Wants to Date You

Are you wondering if someone wants to date you? Maybe you’ve been talking to them for a while, but you can’t quite tell if they like you like you. Do they want to ask you out? Do they want you to ask them out? Here are six signs someone wants to date you. Writer: Michal Mitchell Script Editor & Manager: Kelly Soong Voice: Amanda Silvera Animator: Khin Fong YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong References: Nelson, J. (2019, February 5). 35 little signs someone wants to date you (or at least sleep with you). Thought Catalog. Retrieved November 21, 2021, from thoughtcatalog.com/january-nelson/2019/02/35-little-signs-someone-wants-to-date-you-or-at-least-sleep-with-you/. Fey, T. (2021, August 16). 39 clear signs he wants to date you exclusively. Love Connection. Retrieved from loveconnection.org/signs-he-wants-to-date-you-exclusively/. Nicholson, J. (2016). 4 ways to tell whether someone is into you. Psychology Today. Retrieved from www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-attraction-doctor/201603/4-ways-tell-whether-someone-is-you. Brown, L. (2021, November 3). How to tell if someone likes you: 15 surprising signs! Ideapod. Retrieved from ideapod.com/how-to-tell-if-someone-likes-you/. Click here to see more videos: https://alugha.com/Psych2Go

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