Truma crash sensor – Heating motorhome and caravan safely while driving

Do you want to heat your motor home or caravan safely while also driving? No problem. The Truma gas pressure regulators MonoControl CS and DuoControl CS have an integrated crash sensor. See how it works here. _________________________________________________________________ What’s the difference between MonoControl CS and DuoControl CS? MonoControl CS is designed for single-cylinder systems and DuoControl CS for two-cylinder systems. _________________________________________________________________ How are the systems installed? (00:43) Our gas pressure regulation systems are installed vertically on a sturdy wall of the gas cylinder box, or horizontally on the top of the box. _________________________________________________________________ Can I retrofit MonoControl CS or DuoControl? (00:53) You can retrofit your vehicle easily. The systems can be installed with no problem on all conventional types of vehicle. _________________________________________________________________ Why is it sensible to have a crash sensor? (01:25) Our gas pressure regulation systems fulfil the standards of the European Heating Appliance Directive. This specifies that vehicles built from 2007 must have a safety device so that liquid gas heaters can be used while the vehicle is in motion. _________________________________________________________________ How does the crash sensor work? (01:42) The crash sensor works completely mechanically: a steel ball sits in the middle of the device and keeps a gas shut-off valve open. If the vehicle crashes against a solid object, even at a relatively low speed of about 20 km/h, the ball falls out of the holder and shuts off the gas supply. This prevents gas flowing in the event of an accident. _________________________________________________________________ Other features of DuoControl CS (02:10) DuoControl CS for two-cylinder systems automatically switches from the empty operating cylinder to the full reserve cylinder. On the remote indicator inside the vehicle, you can see easily which cylinder is in operation. For more information, watch the following video: _________________________________________________________________ More products for safe heating while driving (02:34) For safe travels throughout Europe, we have six high-pressure hoses for the different gas cylinder valves in different countries. They are equipped with hose rupture protection and are therefore ideal for heating while driving. _________________________________________________________________ All information about MonoControl CS: All information about DuoControl CS: Facebook:

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