6 Painful Things About Depression No One Talks About

Depression is a consuming illness that can take over the mind and body for a period of time. In this video, we talk about some things people with depression might hide. For example, feeling like an observer, sometimes known as dissociation. Feeling lazy and not wanting to get out of bed. Feeling withdrawn from friends and people. Depression can make people feel isolated. #depression #pain DISCLAIMER: This is by no means a comprehensive list, nor does it apply to everyone with depression. If you think you are suffering from depression, please seek the help of a mental health professional, as this is only intended for educational purposes. Writer: Ria Parikh Script Editor: Vanessa Tao Script Manager: Kelly Soong VO: Amanda Silvera Animator: Ira Alifia (New Animator) YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong References: Capper J (2018, Feb. 20). “Mental Health Stigma Causes Shame and Guilt We Don’t Deserve”. HealthyPlace. Retrieved from www.healthyplace.com/blogs/mentalhealthforthedigitalgeneration/2018/02/fighting-back-against-the-mental-illness-stigma “Don’t Let Depression Lead to Isolation” (N.d.). Real Life Counseling. Depression Issues. Retrieved from www.reallifecounseling.us/dont-let-depression-lead-to-isolation/ Ellis ME (2019, Oct. 10). “Depression Isolation: What To Do When a Loved one Becomes Socially Withdrawn”. Bridges to Recovery. Retrieved from www.bridgestorecovery.com/blog/depression-isolation-what-to-do-when-a-loved-one-becomes-socially-withdrawn/ “People Describe the Most Painful Depression That Aren’t Talked About Enough” (2021, May 19). Real Depression Project. Retrieved from www.instagram.com/p/CPEpu7jhYwa/ “What is Depression?” (N.d.). American Psychiatric Association. Retrieved from www.psychiatry.org/patients-families/depression/what-is-depression Transcript: alugha Click here to see more videos: https://alugha.com/Psych2Go

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