A monitor lizard from the Landau Reptilium

Monitor lizards are found in vast areas of the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australia. Most monitor lizards are long lizards with pointy heads and long tails. The individual subspecies differ in size, color, and arrangement and number of scales. Just like snakes, monitor lizards have a long forked tongue, which can grow twice as long as their heads. Most of the 50 different species of monitor lizards are medium-sized animals, but there are also downright dwarfs and giants. A great number of monitor lizards live in the Landau Reptilium. Visit Wawa and his friends sometime :) More info about Reptilium Terrarien- und Wüstenzoo Landau: http://www.reptilium.de This video is multilingual thanks to alugha. Learn more about us: https://alugha.com/ alugha – Everyone’s language! Taking internet videos to the next level

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