Why don't your Trunks Tear During Extreme Movement? Because the Fibers are made with PolyTHF by BASF

Sportswear is exposed to extreme conditions: heat, freezing cold, sweat and mechanical stress. So why sport pants don't tear in extreme movements? Why swimsuits don't span while swimming? And what connects the stretch jeans with an industrial robot and the wheels of a skateboard? The answer to everything: PolyTHP of BASF. The new podcast explains how the BASF intermediate PolyTHF makes textiles and spandex stretchy just like a second skin and helps in many other products for elasticity. The intermediate product is not only in sportswear, but also in cars, railroad tracks and wherever materials simultaneously have to be flexible and resilient. The film explains the function of PolyTHP especially in synthetic fibers of sportswear. Discover why the spandex fiber can be stretched up to seven times to their length and still return to their true form sought. Further information about PolyTHF, sportswear, spandex, polyurethane, applications of synthetic fibers and intermediates from BASF can be found at: https://www.basf.com/en/company/news-and-media/science-around-us/testing-the-limits-in-powder-snow.html We create chemistry: For further information visit http://www.basf.com

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