Are YOU a SIMP? Subtle Signs That You're Being A SIMP

This video is inspired by Pewdiepie's Simp Series! Have you ever been called a SIMP? What is a simp exactly? A simp is someone who would go out of their way to get the attention of someone they like *Simp Siren*. Some people might be confused about the difference between liking someone versus simping over someone. Here are the subtle signs that you are being a SIMP! Ps: WE LOVE YOU PEWDIEPIE! Bro fist. #SIMP Writer: Michal Mitchell Script Editor & Manager: Kelly Soong Voice: Amanda Silvera ( Animator: Sam Rain ( ) YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong References: YouTube. (n.d.). PewDiePie. YouTube. Retrieved from @PewDiePie Feathers, K. (2021, March 31). 4 signs he's not your friend, he's a 'simp' - and should you still talk to him? The Good Men Project. Retrieved February 23, 2022, from Hawkins, J. (2020, June 7). 11 signs you are a simp. Brass Pills. Retrieved February 23, 2022, from Granado, D. (2021, March 15). What is a simp and how to tell you're Simping. CitizenSide. Retrieved from Click here to see more videos:

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