alugha multilingual player

The simplest way to deploy
multi audio track videos
and truly connect with your global audience

Communicate with your audience in their native language

Connect with your audience in the most essential way: through languages. Give your audience intuitive access to your video message and provide it in their native language to increase comprehension. Our multi audio track video player enables you to simply offer multilingual video experiences even without any technological background.

The advantages of our player

The alugha player features follow three principles in order to delight the content producer as well as their audience in a global framework.
100% global audience ready
Multilingual audio tracks
Global CDN
100% reach & accessibility
Any modern browser
Any device
Any website
100% your brand
Customize player color
Add your own logo
Control access to your videos

Core features of the player

Multi audio tracks

Leverage the power of multiple audio tracks to instantly increase the reach, comprehensibility, and likability of your message (according to a study by Common Sense Advisory / Business Harvard Review). Let your audience switch audio tracks on the fly during playback with next to none interruption, thanks to the proprietary & exclusive player and multi-track streaming functionality.

HLS/DASH | Adaptive

Nothing interrupts the video consumption experience more than buffering. Make sure your message gets across without interruption with robust adaptive streaming technology. Rest assured that your video will be delivered to the viewer in the optimal resolution of their device and data connection while going easy on the bandwidth at the same time.

Audio quality

If your audio quality suffers, (the comprehensiveness of) your message will suffer as well. Don't let bad audio ruin the immersion of your video and treat yourself and your viewers with crispy clear multichannel audio with up to 480 kBit AAC.

Video quality

You worked hard to create a beautiful masterpiece with stunning visuals and pixel perfect animation (to underline your message). It deserves to stay this way. Keep your video awesome with a player that supports razor-sharp UltraHD resolution.

Embed multilingual videos on your website

Unlock the full alugha player feature set for your website. Offer an easy and accessible way for your multinational audience to enjoy your videos in their native language on your website without having to hire a developer first.

Embed protection through whitelists

Your content, your rules. Decide who can embed your video and who gets an error message.

Customize player button and branding

Don't miss the chance to show your colors, let your brand transcend into our player by customizing the player's color and adding your logo.

Player API

Programmatically control the player via simple JS-API for enhanced interaction between your website and the player.

Copy & paste embed code

Easy and customizable copy & paste embed code for simple implementation.

Best experience for your viewers

Minimalistic control bar to not obstruct the most important part, your video
Simple audio and subtitle language switching without reloading
Manual quality selection: video quality is adjustable from 360p to 2160p
Picture in picture: keep browsing without pausing the video
Automatic language track selection
Offer your multilingual audience a seamless experience. Smart player technology recognizes the language of every viewer and automatically starts the video in their preferred language.
Keyboard control
Easy control of essential player functions such as pause, resume, skip, mute, and volume control via your keyboard.
Watchlists (also in embedded player)
Organize and curate topic-specific video lists and let your audience experience your content in the order you intended.
Single video page
Every video is provided with a dedicated video page (single video page) with a language-specific title and description as well as additional audience interaction and feedback features.
Independent from your viewers' display size, automatic player resizing makes sure that your video looks fabulous, always and for everyone.
Guide viewers directly to specific points in your video via simple timestamp-links.

Accessability: Languages & Technology

Alugha aspires to achieve accessability compliance with the integration of guidelines to facilitate the use of the player and platform for everyone, regardless of limitation or disabilities.
Features now
Inclusivity through languages:
Automatic language recognition
Keyboard control:
Easy control of essential player functions
Subtitle & Captions:
Enable subtitles & captions with one command
Screen Reader:
Provide all information displayed on screen
Planned Implementations
Resized up to 200 percent based on the WCAG
Subtitle Style:
Modify type size and emotion based subtitles
Audio Description:
Offer visually impaired persons

Unlock the multilingual potential of popular platforms

Let your multilingual message run free and share it with native multilingual support on Twitter, connect with your international audience on LinkedIn, fund your next global project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, gather global support for your petition on or enrich your Medium blog with multilingual videos.

alugha player works natively on:

and many more…

The video translation ecosystem

Cover your complete video ecosystem needs with a fully integrated system to host, translate, and distribute your videos to a global audience.
Encoding & Hosting
Lightning fast and reliable German video hosting that's easy on the environment and the wallet.
Increase your reach by translating your videos for more markets. Effortlessly create transcripts, subtitles, and voice-overs in multiple languages by your own or with your team. No additional software required.
The simplest way to deploy multi audio track videos and truly connect with your global audience.
Grow your global audience while handling your multilingual content assets with ease.

More questions

Our team is here to make sure you get on the plan that adjusts to your needs and launches you up to success. Get in touch with one of our multilingual video experts today.