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What If We Nuked Venus?

What would happen if the planet Venus got nuked away? What effect will it have on our planet earth and for our solar system? Watch to find out as we ask the question: What If We Nuked Venus? Click here to see more videos: VIDEO CONCEPT: Landon Dowlatsingh

Could Mount Everest Be Destroyed?

Ever since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay scaled the great mountain in 1953, Mount Everest has been the great white whale of mountaineering. Its beauty eclipsed only by its danger, it would be a terribly pity if it no longer existed. Certain conditions are casting some doubt on the future of

What If Ant-Man Was Real?

Antman – the tiniest superhero in the hood – a symbol that size doesn’t matter…but sadly he doesn’t exist… but what if he did? Click here to see more videos: VIDEO CONCEPT: Landon Dowlatsingh - VOICE ACTOR: Rebecca Felgate- http://bit

What If Humans Didn’t Discover Fire?

Fire exists in nature, that much we know. But the moment where a human figured out how to create fire, completely changed everything for our species. In fact, if humans hadn’t discovered how to create fire, practically everything throughout the course of human history would have changed, or maybe ev

What If We Detonated A Nuclear Bomb In Space?

The possibility of war in space is a hot topic of discussion. As our society becomes more advanced, it seems only natural for warfare to move away from the surface of the earth, and instead to space. In fact, there were some worries that North Korea would detonate a nuclear bomb in space above the u

What If We Nuked Mars?

What if we nuked mars? I know it seems like a question from far out of left field, but Elon Musk, head of Tesla as well as SpaceX, said in 2015 that nuking mars with thermonuclear weapons would be a great way to heat up the planet so humans could live on it. But would this actually work? And what ar

What If Mexico Becomes A Superpower?

What If Mexico Becomes A Superpower? Now - we’re not going to lie, as usual - there’s a lot to unpack in this video. The majority of which, has some real, tangible possible outcomes that may even be playing out in real time as we speak. Click here to see more videos:

Why Was Stonehenge Built?

Stonehenge is a name given to a mysterious prehistoric monument that stands tall on the Salisbury Plains amid the idyllic English countryside of Wiltshire. Over a million tourists flock to the enigmatic site each year, marveling at the ancient architecture. But, despite the popularity of one of the