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Alugha Updates | May 2020 - what's new at alugha

Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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That's why we constantly develop, tweak, update and expand our tools and features. Big changes and new feature releases will be announced via email and in our blog section, but there are a lot of improvements happening on a daily basis that you might have missed. We also enjoy receiving your feedback so that we can integrate your ideas into our platform. Send your ideas and feature requests to:

You can read up on the latest changes below.

25. May 2020

Remember this day! We come out with alugha 2.0! You can only see the changes from the last 4 weeks but imagine... we do this every Monday and this since 4 years now! And finally we reached a totally new level in alugha!

  • Fix: Waive watchlist limit when it's a negative number
  • Implement GQL mutation for (re)encoding an asset
    That's a cool update! You might not really notice but we are thrilled! It can sometimes happen that a video gets stuck in the encoding process - for whatever reason. It's really rare, but however, so far we had to go to the server and undo it "manually". Now it's just a push of a button.
  • Add platform product page
    That's a cool update! The alugha universe is huge and you can get lost in the vast space... another alugha page that will explain all possiblities you have. 
  • Add / Update test for marketplace overview
  • Remove routeConfig file and fix some typos
  • Fix: Import sub/trans fails if the input SRT file contains special characters
  • Fix: Fix import subtitles on macOS/Safari
  • Download assets from the Marketplace. 
    That's a cool update! You are now free to download and save videos and images from the alugha marketplace. You can even choose the image resolution. 
  • Fix: As a dubbr user I need more clarification what a langCode is and why I need it
  • Fix: maxTracks calculation includes removed tracks
  • Fix: Producer page onboarding
  • Fix: Legacy routes in alucation show navigation of main page
  • Enabled new encoding server infrastructure
    That's a big update! We reached the champions league! Encoding a movie on alugha could take quite some time, 4k could take up to 5-8 hours. We worked hard on this one... Encoding now only takes minutes!
  • Fix: Make video categories not required

19. May 2020

  • Update encoding server for new plan structure
  • Fix: Plan upload limits don't seem to work properly
  • Manage multiple brands and select them when creating my embed code
    That's a big update! Now you can create different brands and links to your website and manage them before you embed the video. 
  • Handle reload after successful account creation
  • Let user create invites for his managers &
  • Make Personas removable by user(manager)
    That's a big update! You can now invite other alugha users to manage your account!
  • Fix: Register with oauth fails when clicking the register button the first time
  • Check for maxTracks when user changes track visibility state
  • Add auth actions to login and signup
  • Make VideoTable responsive
    That's a cool update! The tables looked really cool so far... but only on a performant display. From now on our tables are responsive and adapt to the size of your screen. 
  • Add hosting product page
  • Update Arabic translations
  • Fix: Video filter in ProducerPage
  • Fix: Article filter on producer page crashes when filtering categories
  • Fix: The video owner is not able to remove tracks created by collaborators

13. May 2020

  • Update encoding server for new plan structure
  • As an alugha user, I want to be able to remove player branding
    That's a big update!  You can now remove the alugha logo from the player when you embed the video somewhere else!
  • As an alugha user, I want to be able to add my company's logo to the player
    That's a big update!  You can now add your logo to the player and it will be at top of the video when you embed it somewhere else!
  • Streamline modal header styles throughout the dubbr
  • Create button too small in the marketplace
  • Add player product page
    That's a cool update! Our player became an incredibly big part of alugha and it was the start of all. Over the years it got SO many improvements. Time to give it its own page on alugha to explain what you can do with it.
  • Apollo cache didn't update for delete element from producer activities
  • Only offer tracks with valid asset-Id as source for background audio
  • Some translations are wrong - Improved Spanish and Catalan
  • Add Photo and Videography category
    That's a cool update! For the first time we added another category. We got SO many valid requests for this category that we decided to add it.
  • Now the entire alucation website is also available in Arabic

04. May 2020

  • Added search field to activities header. You can now search within your activities.
  • As a user I want to get an onboarding
    That's a cool update! You now get an onboarding within different pages on alugha to understand how it works.
  • languages array in video is not updated (or wasn't at some point)
  • Add "videos" alucation page
    That's a big update! We now have created a totally independent instance of alugha! It is all about education in different languages with the entire alugha technologies.
  • Added query props for view request
  • Track if users register from alucation or alugha
    That's a cool update! Sounds "dangerous" but is pretty cool! We want to make sure that if you apply for free education, only you will not get disturbed from us with alugha activities.
  • Store "domain" of user when created in graphQL server
    That's a cool update! Sounds "dangerous" but is pretty cool! We want to make sure that if you get further informations from us or you watch videos, you get them in YOUR language!
  • As a dubbr user I want to set the default track as background audio
    That's a big update! You can now set the default audio from your video as the background track to any other language track and get the ducking and merging done by our dubbr!!
  • Remove old settings page
    That's a cool update! In fact after we merged all the settings into the new react page it was time to say goodbye to the old angular page!
  • Fix links to alucation videos page
  • Add youth protection field to video sitemaps
    That's a cool update! We have added the option to set your video as not good for young people and we want to make sure, that any other search engine will respect this too so we added it to the sitemaps.





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