Sanders Foundation

Since 2010, the Sanders Foundation has been advocating for a responsible use of new technology. Thereby, the non-profit organization wants to achieve educational growth of children who are threatened by social exclusion.

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In an academic and playful way, the children are taught the appropriate use of the internet, smartphones and tablets. In doing so, they aim to let interactivity and dynamics arise. For example, they offer digital workshops and other digital activities to increase the educational potential of children around the world regarding newer technologies. 

Due to their social mission, the foundation encountered a problem relatively quick: How is their message supposed to reach a lot of people if it is written in only one language? It soon became clear that they need as many languages as possible to reach as many people as possible. Robert Sanders, president of the Sanders Foundation, described the translation by voluntary multilingual speakers as “the hardest problem”. When that problem was solved, they faced another: How can they combine all the audio tracks together into one single video? Alugha knows the solution. 

With the help of the alugha player, it is possible to put as many languages as you want into ONE video. Apart from saving lots of storage, time and money, it is also incredibly useful, because one can address a huge mass of people. But we’ve already told you a lot about the alugha effect. 

WOW! What an awesome “thank you” from the Sanders Foundation to us! We’re really touched to see that our concept is well liked and received.

What we actually want to tell and show you with this video is: It’s working and needed! The gratitude of the Sanders Foundation was such a big motivation for us, and that’s why we also want to say “Thank you”. 

Thanks that multilingualism is needed! 

Your alugha team :-) 


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