Why is your email not getting read?

I will reveal how you can improve your chances

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What you really want is that the addressee answers your email. I will reveal you a secret. You can improve your chances by using a number of techniques. And here is one. Do you know how to properly phrase the subject of an email. After all, it’s one of the three main sections of an email. If you do this wrong your email is not getting opened and you are going to ask yourself why the recipient doesn’t answer.

But what is incorrect? It’s incorrect to fill the subject line with information that are relevant to you but not the recipient of the message. For example, an order code, the name of a customer or a product description with which the recipient can’t do anything (yet). Your idea here is that you are able to find the message easily later on. However, if you write these information into the actual text you will also be able to find it instantly, won’t you? The subject line is not for you, it’s for the recipient!

Instead, you should think about what’s relevant for the persons reading the subject. This way, you will train your empathy, your imagination, and your knowledge of the market. What is your recipient looking for? What would change his life at work? What would make him jump out of his chair?

When you’ve found the right topic, don’t be satisfied with the first version you’ve written. Now, you have to imagine that you are an advertising expert standing in front of a poster. Don’t be tempted by this empty line, this space in which you can write 60 characters. Remember that most emails are read on small screens and so only 30 characters are displayed.

Your poster mustn't have pictures or photos! Only words. That’s why it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. If a media expert stands in front of a poster, he also knows that conciseness is tantamount to strength. The less words the stronger your message. Every. Word. Counts.

That’s why you should consider every word carefully. Avoid clichés and empty phrases. Look for the strong verb and the surprising noun. When you ask a question it should be provocative and you should be able to answer it.

I could talk about this forever, formulating a subject, but what you’ve read so far is enough to write an excellent subject. I recommend you read the article again to internalize what you shouldn’t do.

Let’s talk if you want to learn more about the important sections of emails and other sensational techniques. Comment below this article or write me an email: escrevacomtecnicatour@gmail.com.

See you next time!

Rogério Godinho and the alugha crew!



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