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alugha website: videos - blog - search. This is the navigation menu you find when you open our website. Of course, the purpose of the search function is to get results. And if you want to find videos, articles, producers, results in general, better, faster and more easily in the future, you should thoroughly read THIS article, because our Niklas made that even easier and more convenient. We tell you which new features have been added to the search function. 


The fact is that we have revised our search function. How exactly will be explained now! Most of the new features can be seen in the design of the search overlay. 

What is new:

  • From now on, ALL search results will be displayed in the respective browser language - just like everyone’s language! 
  • The search results are now sorted by relevance. The title of the respective result takes priority and therefore highest relevance. Next are tags, keywords and description. For example, if you’re looking for the term “Overwatch”, the server suggests videos, articles and producers whose title includes this term first. If they do not exist, the server searches for tags, keywords and descriptions with this term. 
  • Another innovation is the amazing speed of the new search function. This is due to GraphQL. 
  • There’s more! More clarity in quantity bring the numbers that appear behind the tab names of the search bar. Now you know exactly how many videos are linked to “Overwatch” on alugha or hosted on alugha directly. 
  • Speaking of everyone’s language: You can now choose the language you want to see search results in! At the top on the right, you can enter the language in which the results are searched and shown. If you open your search result link (video, article or producer), it is also directly shown or played in your prefered language. 

In a nutshell: We always strive to make the alugha experience as easy, enjoyable and unique as possible! 

Keep going! 





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