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About to come - series 2017!

Zombies, freedom and the fight around the crown - 2017 is going to be an exciting year of series!

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Series junkies can look forward to 2017 - many series options are about to sweeten your procrastination. And we promise - there will be some surprises! 

The Walking Dead - Season 7 

On February 13th, the success story continues in round seven! Then, the ninth episode of the seventh season will be available on German TV. How and where the group around Rick Grimes is going to barricade in order to protect themselves from the undead is only one exciting question. Who will survive? Who will die? How does the group constellation continue? All this will soon be clear! We as optimists also hope for the normal rule: The-Walking-Dead-Fans can expect a new season every fall! 

Prison Break 

“I’ll get you out of here!” Hard to believe, but the highly successful prison series is actually about to be continued in 2017. After “The Final Break”, which should have been the end of the series by 2010, it is still going on. After Michael Scofield’s (Wentworth Miller) death, there is the big question about how his wife Sara and his brother Lincoln are doing now. Whether the series will be able to take up on its great success after a seven-year break will be seen! 

Game of Thrones - Season 7

The fight for the crown goes on! The official “most successful series of all time” will be continued in summer 2017. Thus, the biggest series success will slowly but surely come to an end: Game of Thrones is spudded in eight seasons. So be prepared for new intrigues, constellations and surprises in the series where you have to count on everything because you can’t predict anything! 

What else? 

The series which has defined Transmedia Storytelling at first will be continued! The story of Twin Peaks will go on after 25 years! In Germany, it won’t be able on Free TV but on Sky. An exact date is not known yet. Subjects the series dealt with were murder, sex, drugs, lies and violence. 

What’s new is “Big Little Lies”! The dramedy is about an American, wealthy suburb, which then gets involved in a murder case overnight! The series also includes Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon. It will definitely be on HBO, if it’s also getting broadcasted in Germany is unclear. 

Now, you’re well prepared for the series year 2017! Carry out the newly learned information, and even more important: Do it multilingual!

Your alugha team! :-) 



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