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Google. To google. I googled it. In September 1997 the search engine "Google" was launched and the brand has become a verb. You have a question or need directions? Just google it! The most popular website worldwide knows everything, but sometimes you really need to dive in to find the information you're looking for. 

Since 2001 we can also use Wikipedia.org if we want to know something. Funded by donations and sustained by the work of volunteers, it's a free online databank with over 50 million professional articles in over 200 languages. Like alugha or Wikipedia there are other platforms that want to make knowledge accessible for the whole world. Alugha specializes in multilingual videos and offers the platform and all necessary tools to easily turn your videos multilingual. On our website you'll for example find videos from the Simpleshow-Foundation.org, that aims to explain complex subjects as easy as possible. 



The topics are widely spread, from politics, environment, equality, history, culture, society to science, technology and health. Broad knowledge enables you to filter and categorize current headlines and discussions in the media and differentiate between really important news and unnecessary hysteria. Furthermore, you can use the multilingual videos on alugha.com to train your vocabulary in foreign languages. 

Alugha also offers videos from channels like Life Noggin or Life's Biggest Questions that explain phenomenons in nature or diseases or day-to-day situations in a very simple and entertaining way. The videos are quite short and easy to understand, so you can watch them while waiting for the train or to kill some time in between appointments. 



So get going and fill your brain with knowledge!


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