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Be clever and become a video producer on alugha!

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Hello to all producers! 

Today, it’s all about our producer pages because they offer lots of advantages! To give you an understanding of them, we’d like to use our producer “gamingspot” as a reference and prime example. 


As you can see in the picture above, we have a gorgeous background that lays the foundation of the design. You can see the latest video on the left  and 4 new videos on the right. Below them, you can click the button “open for more videos” to see many more videos. There, you can also swipe left and right. It is not only well-arranged but it also looks excellent. Of course, you can also display the complete video list at once by just following the link. Step by step, your complete portfolio unfolds!

To tell your viewers who you are and what you do, you can enter a producer description at the bottom of the page: the name of your channel, what is important to you and what your videos are about. But not only your videos are displayed, your news articles can also be found on your page. In addition, you can also add your social media accounts, for example Instagram, Twitter or even your own website. Therefore, the alugha producer page guides everyone interested in you to your entire Internet presence. In our search bar, you cannot only search for your videos and articles, but also for yourself as a producer. 

And if your viewers save the link to the page containing your uploaded videos, they always see what you created most recently!

There’s more

The description you put on your producer page and the page itself are found on google - among the top hits, at that! Apart from that, backlinks ensure that your producer page gets linked - this, of course, functions as SEO and profile booster. And that’s the goal: to be found on google, and be ranked as high as possible. We can make that happen for you! Because it’s exactly the combination of video, producer page and language that guarantees that your links always appear on Google's search results and that you are always found.

Is that cool or is that cool?

So be clever and become a video producer on alugha! 


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