"Reality" is soundtrack for Berndout

Dream it, too - your own reality!

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We can’t get this earworm out of our heads! And that’s exactly why alugha chose the song “Reality” to be the soundtrack of the self-produced short film “Berndout”! 

What you should know: 

DJ Cosmin

The song “Reality” was written by Cosmin Marica aka DJ Cosmin, Simon Kempston, Adam Kesselhaut and Cande de Rouge. Cosmin was responsible for the production of the beats and sound, Kempston for the English vocals. There is also a Turkish version of the song available, sung by Serge Subasi. Cosmin Marica, who comes from Romania, is a songwriter and producer, and in addition, the drummer of the band q.age. He is also known for his cooperation with Andreas Kümmert, who won the talent show “The Voice of Germany” in 2013. Together, the two of them produced the music album “12 Parties”. 

“We dream our own reality”

The song was chosen to be the soundtrack of the short film “Berndout”, which won the audience award of the short film festival BermudaShorts, because it can musically reproduce the message of the film. “Whatever we imagine becomes reality. The power of wishes” - this is how Cosmin describes the essence of the song. 

Bernd, main character of the short film, suffers from depression as a result of being completely overworked. Through his imagination and dreams, in which he has a lot of fun with Alan, he finds his way back to his own reality and finally overcomes his depression. The Alien “Alan” only exists in Bernd’s reality and imagination - in his dreams. The reason why “Reality” fits so well is because the song is very similar to Bernd’s emotional state in the film. The tone of the film is very similar to the tone of the song. According to Arthur Rewak, director of the short film, “the song is very structured, but it also has a dynamic chorus.” 

Hope is all you need

Those who have read the lyrics know what the song wants to convey: hope. That it is worth it to fight for something and that everything will be fine, even though it does not look like it (now). That bad times are followed by good times and that dreams come true. That, no matter what happens (it doesn’t matter), one should look forward, and that everyone is responsible for his or her own happiness - we dream our own reality! 

Alugha liked the song from the very beginning and recognized its potential. So the team and Cosmin Marica decided not only to use it as the official soundtrack to “Berndout” but also to produce the music video for the hit. Under the direction of Arthur Rewak, it was filmed in Baton Rouge, a club in Mannheim, together with DJ Cosmin, Giuseppe Sciandrone, Serge Subasi and Bernd Korz. Look at and listen to Alan, Bernd and the song, and also dream it - your own reality! :-)


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