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My name is Melanie Promberger, I’m 45 years old, and I live in Munich for 12 years now. Since then I am working in a little PR agency there and I’m taking care of different projects.

How did you come to alugha?

I met Bernd Korz, founder of alugha, some years ago when he was working on his YouTube channel hoTodi TV. We gave him a lot of input about products and stuff like that. When I met him and his son Niklas last year at CES he told me about the idea of alugha and I was sure that I want to support this little startup. It took us almost one year, but now I’m finally part of the team.

What’s your function at alugha?

I am responsible for the PR in UK and the USA. So my function is to announce alugha in the media and therefore in the public view.

What do you like about the work?

There’s a lot. Of course, that I have so much to do with people. Working with Start-ups has always given me the most fun, you can act very freely and you can go over the top. What I really like about alugha is the idea of multilingual communication and also the whole team which is just great.

You are responsible for the US area, why is so important?

Especially the American market is the most important one besides the German market. If we are successful there and find strong partners, we have a base for everything that might come. Moreover, the USA is indeed home to the largest international companies that deal with videos in some way.

If you think about future, where do you see yourself and the company in 10 years?

I can imagine to still work for alugha in 10 years - maybe directly in the USA then. I’m sure that alugha will be a settled player in the video area. Where the journey is going to and what alugha will stand for in the next 10 years I probably can not even imagine today.

The last point is about big dreams, what are they?

There are the little, big dreams like happiness, love, satisfaction and of course health. Regarding alugha I wish that also the big company won’t lose it's team spirit and that Bernd and his team will never run out of ideas.

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