Let's talk! No basement child: Christian is our guy for Android!

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My name is Christian, since 2009 I’m studying computer sciene at the university of Worms. I also write my master thesis about Mobile Computing, M.Sc. at alugha at the moment.

What’s your relationship with alugha?

I met Bernd in my first year in university and because of same interests we kept contact.

What’s your function at alugha?

My tasks are conception, design and implementation of the Android app for alugha, which will bring you some advantages on smartphones.

What do you like about the work?

I like that despite of the easy and comfortable work space everything is developing very fast. There is one idea after the other and the best way would be if it happened already yesterday. But you never feel like being rushed.

If you think about future, where do you see yourself and the company in 10 years?

Hopefully where alugha has to be: in the heads of video producers, audience and providers. And I also hope to be a part of this great team in 10 years, too.

If you think about developers, you often think about nerds who sit in front of their computers and lose reality. Is the work determining the consciousness that much?

When I studied I met some of these exemplars, sure, but I met all the more people you can have fun with. You always think computer scientist are nerds with pizza and coke who are sitting in front of their computers, doing nothing else. But more than ever today things like teamplay, communication and leadership qualities become characteristics of professional computer scientists. Because of the media you always think about the prejudices first. But my personal opinion is that a good balance between work and free time helps a lot.

The last point is about big dreams, what are they?

Besides standard dreams (a fast car, round-the-world trip or other expensive things you need a looot of money for) for me it's important that work is fun. I don’t want to hate mondays because I have to go to the office. If your job is fun and it's combined with occupational advancement, your dreams will come true by themselves. My personal dream would be living in the USA for some time. After two vacations and one semester abroad in New York, New Jersey and on the West Coast I would love to work and live there. But in the end I will definitely come back to Germany where my friends and family are.

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