Viva Las Vegas or how alugha conquered the #CES

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Christmas, the New Year - a time of contemplation and rest. But according to our Boss, you can also link the pleasant with the useful. While others spent their time with pouring lead or watching telly, he packed is bag and flew to the United States. The perfect timing for a road trip, and while there, why not quickly visiting the International CES in Las Vegas? What could entice more as a get-together with like-minded people? Concerning the technology market this trade show offers the newest of the new. Clearly, alugha had to be there.

After we set up our booth at the German Pavilion and after we got an overview about what’s happening, we were ready for the visitors’ questions. We could count more than 80 visitors at our booth we presented alugha to in detail. Among these were big companies like Bosch and Google. In constant communication with streaming content providers from around the world, we were also not tired to present the advantages of our concept. The effort has paid off: for the coming year we expect numerous collaborations with different platforms and companies. Once again we experienced that alugha not only appeals to corporations, but that it is also perceived by different sectors and institutions. Whether we speak of the Government of Utah, private schools, or press representatives as Euro News or dpa, the resonance is still enormous. What was new was the interest of private bloggers and YouTube stars. Even they discovered alugha’s potential to increase their reach. In addition, we are especially pleased that even charities want to use alugha to recruit more donors and helpers in order to achieve their goals.

If you now think that every further trade show or festival will bore us at some point, you are wrong. Every time again we are excited about what to expect today or tomorrow. Trade shows are successful for us because they open new chances to have great discussions with different companies and people. Due to this, we get new impulses that help us to constantly optimize our goals. The result is a great concept, which pleases the endusers needs. The CES also gave us the opportunity to take a step into the international market. We didn’t get lost, we are heading in the right direction of having a new year with a lot of motivation, innovation and success.

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