Alugha - a little pioneer at Pioneers Festival

in Vienna. But there was no time to admire the beautiful city - rather we were concerned to announce our company to all the agents and investors. But read by yourself…

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We just had the first coffee, then the day started. Together with 49 other start-ups we were invited to listen to an exciting presentation about the Pioneers Festival. Beside useful informations and event tips we just were scaled into little teams to present our own pitch and getting some feedback about our own company and the idea. Disillusioned as we were we had to accept that our pitch was way to long so we changed it the whole night. You can guess - we were a bit tired next morning.

But we are professionals, nobody would’ve seen it. The next day was to important for us - free stage for Alugha! Because the festival is not only a place for great events there was something like a fair function where we could get in touch with all the investors and interested persons. So we had the chance to show our market potential to the investors. Many of them gave us new impulses and showed us how important industrial exchange still is. In the evening we finally got the chance to present our Baby! We had three minutes to define whats Alughas big goal. After that our team was confronted with some questions of the jury. We were unbelievable excited: how would they like Alugha and would the investors get our potential?

So, we can say, there was a lot of interest. The whole next day we were at our stand at the trade fair which was forced open. There were many investors and potential partners who where there to get Alugha better explained. The positive reactions and the huge advice were as incredible that even some investors would have started with our project directly. USA, UK, Europe or Asia - it was all the same: “there’s a gap for your project and we want to get that potential”. After a lot of interviews there were more presentations on the next day.

In the end we can say that the Pioneers Festival was a big success. We learned a lot about our work and the work in the business. Now its time to follow up. All the new contacts want to be nourished and nursed. And also there is to tell that maybe there is also a new investor that knocked on our door. Stay tuned...

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