Viva Las Vegas! CES 2015 and we are part of it!

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And the tour continues! More and more people want to contact us and talk to us directly, exchange ideas. After we were allowed to attend the first conference, TNW, we were impressed by the great rush, so that we decided to extend these activities. That's why we joined CeBIT in Istanbul in Istanbul and our next event will be the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, direcly afterwards we take part at the Web Summit in Dublin. We are starting to "boil" and will take this spirit directly with us to the USA. Beginning of the year one of the most important exhibitions take place in Las Vegas, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). A trend setter show, the "who-is-who" of the scene will be there - both exhibitors, visitors and press.

During the 6th.-9th. January 2015 we have a (yeahhh!) corner booth at the German Pavilion, in South Hall 2! A further dream comes true.


Exhibitions and events we join and where you can meet us, you find here on our Meet us page.

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