CeBIT Istanbul 2014 - Our final video about a great experience

We had an incredible week on the CeBIT 2014 in Instanbul. Our booth only had 9 sqm and the fair itself was rather small with only 3 halls but that did not matter to us, we achieved more than we had hoped for. We had great talks and got brilliant feedback and now working highly motivated on the follow up.

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Today we don't wanna talk much :) Just enjoy the impressions with us, which we cutted in our final video.

A special thanks to our team, especially to Niklas who was working with high pressure on alugha, so that we were able to show things on the fair without needing an internet connection. To Steffen, who did everything to get the changes set on the Videopage, to Katharina, who prepared everything for the whole fair, to Meike, who lovely cared about that we were properly dressed up on the booth, to arthur, who could finish all graphics and took videos the whole time we were in Istanbul AND to the way he presented alugha (this is really brilliant ;-) ) to various visitors. A very special personal thanks from me to Atilla Öztürk, who did not only show us Istanbul from its most beautiful and most exciting side, but who was at the booth daily to help us in his refreshing style. And finally of course the rest of our team, who were in the office to keep the company going and further proceed with everything, and of course our partners, who indemnified our moves.


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