CeBIT Istanbul Day#3 - Great talks and impressions

The first day was already good but it was more or less a "warm up". So the second CeBIT day had to be even better! At first it looked as if nothing would happen till 2 pm the internet wasn't working and there were hardly any visitors. We did not have the chance to present alugha at all. Was this going to be a bad day for us? We could not accept this.

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After the exhibition management got the internet to work, they must have connected a new cable, even interested visitors turned up and wanted to see alugha in action. The tenor was always the same: "Wow, this is so cool" and "I've never seen something like that before"! But the most exciting things for us were others. We sat together with the Fraunhofer Institute and they confirmed that alugha is an exceptional idea, and we also exchanged businesscards in order to alugha all Fraunhofer videos after the fair. An appointment you finish with a big grin on your face and a lot of enthusiasm to approach more customers.

And exactly this happened, we got a visitor straight after and got asked for a detailed presentation. A lot of questions have been asked, even very technical questions and we got the impression that there was serious interest of a cooperation. Our visitor has big airline companies as customers and is about to get a streaming service and provides self-hosted videos. So far they could not find anything regarding the multilingual part and therefore he was really excited about augha and said at the end: We will discuss that within the next weeks, as I still have questions regarding the integration of alugha.

We also had an interesting talk with regards to education, even two very nice and competent ladies came to us and showed us their education portal. Learning languages with videos, highly exciting and an impressive number of users. They were looking for a long time for a solution and found it with alugha. After CeBit we will finalize everything.

A lot of minor and a handfull of promising talks with great potential partners close this day, exactly as we have hoped. We wanted to explore Istanbul in the evening but there was an accident and the weekend and rush-hour traffic showed us how much chaos there is on the streets. 2 hrs drive for 3km distance, so we left the taxi and took the Underground and entered the Dolums, a traditional turkish food restaurant and we got a few impressions of one of the city quarters and back to the hotel. A day which got us to feel the vibes of Istanbul.

Stay tuned!

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