CeBIT Istanbul #Day2 - The first day at the show

It just was exciting what would happen today since it is the first big fair we are attending with alugha. 10:30 and the gates would open for public, we were at the "Set" about 30 min earlier. Quickly hang up the posters, build up the 5.1 audio system and we were ready to start. It was really quiet at first and we thought the show did not open yet, but then the first visitors came and walked past us. Looking at alugha, but no one really became friends with it.

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Well, if the mountain won't come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain.... something like this was our slogan and we started to talk to people about alugha and showed them our project. Quickly interest was rising without us pushing. Once extrinsically motivated it just works :) Slowly the talks became more and more exciting and we got a feeling how we have to sell our "Baby" here in Istanbul.

The language barrier was a real hurdl, we don't speak turkish, the others no German and / or English. But hands, feets and gestures also talk and it worked :) During idle times we checked our neighbour booth spaces, looked what they are doing, on the left Auerswald with IP-Telefonesystems and on the right Wacom with their famous drawing tablets and styluses. We could demonstrate in peace and quiet AND could convince them about the advantages of using alugha for their videos and their customers and users. Therefore we won 2 new exciting alugha users.

In the afternoon (start exciting music :) ) a woman and a man let us explain alugha in detail to them, in easy English but it was working and both of us knew: THIS is gonna be exciting! But to really be safe we asked a really nice lady (who also was professional translator) to shortly support us. It was the turkish ministry of education which was looking for a solution to provide their uncountable number of videos in various languages, and so far they could not find anything matching. Therefore they specifically came to us to look at alugha. At the end it was something like: "Please be available, we will pick you up within this week to explain alugha directly to the secretary of education." Well!, we carried on working with a big smile on our face and a lot of enthusiasm and presented the features of the alugha player.

Later that evening we were invited to a reception of the German Consulate. Mrs.Jutta Wolke, the German General Consul greeted us personally. We could talk to some very interesting Representatives and Secretaries and could gain important experiences.

Our first day was a real success and confirmed that it was right to be here in Istanbul to conquer the Eurasian market. An incredible city with great people!

Stay Tuned!

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