CeBIT Istanbul Day#1 - The arrival

Somehow it was a really exciting day for us. Woke up by 5 am and couldn't get back to sleep again, so I got up. Im hardly ever excited but this day......I had to catch the train to Mannheim and from there the ICE to Frankfurt with Arthur. Especially on this track I had problems with delays and on top of that it's strike time again, so it was unsure if we'd make it on time. There was a minor delay but we were on time at the end. At the aiport the escalators weren't working and the elevators were full up so it did take a while until we reached Terminal 1.

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Boarding was at 8:40 and it was almost too late. Especially when we got told we had some "suspicious" stuff on our camera and the airport security checked it out of explosives. Finally we reached the plane but still had to wait til 9 am as the pilots in Munich were on strike which you could notice in Frankfurt as well.

The flight itself was quite relaxing and we did not even catch up the delay, no, we arrived in Istanbul 15 min earlier. Unfortunately Arthur needs a Visa for Turkey and we had to queue behind 3 Americans who needed a little longer to work out their Visa. After 20 min they turned and told us the mashines would not work and there was no Visa. We tried it out ourselves and of course the first trial already got us Arthur's Visa. Leaving the airport my really good old friend, Attila, picked us up.

Just 4 km from the airport to the hotel and we only had to pay 10 TL for the drive. Check-in done and a nice shower and straigt to the fair centre. We prepared everything, built up everything and tested it.

At 7 pm everything was ready and we met up with Attila to explore this incredible city even more and get to know it a little better. We talked a lot while having a really cheap but brilliant dinner!

Article and video was ready at about 1 am this morning for you. It was a really exciting and thrilling day in one of the most incredible cities ever. Istanbul is worth a trip!

Stay tuned - we will keep you posted ;-)

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