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CeBIT Istanbul - Here we come!

Whilst everyone is laying their sales focus into the Western World (America), alugha is targeting the East. The CeBIT Istanbul is the doorstep to the West for a lot of Eurasian Countries, for alugha it’s the doorstep to the East. Technology and the connected world on the Eastern European and Asian market is on the rise (interesting facts ) But hardly anyone in the Western World understands Indian, Nepalese, Turkish, Russian or any of the other languages. Now, alugha provides companies and the people the optimal platform to share their technical products, their experience, knowledge and opinions with the whole world.

Read this article in: Deutsch, English

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We are looking forward to many new contacts, great talks and an interesting platform.

Visit us on Cebit: Hall 9-9E01-07 in the German Pavilion.

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