alugha now with improved audio quality thanks to Opus

Audio and YouTube... that's two worlds clashing. You can see in the below table how that is build up:

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ResolutionAudio Bit RateCompression
Original192 kbpsAAC
1080p192 kbpsAAC
720p192 kbpsAAC
480p128 kbpsAAC
360p128 kbpsAAC
240p64 kbpsMP3

Besides ACC the resolution is actually not something really great for everyone who is making music, loves music or for everyone who is watching / listening to YouTube videos with a good sound system..... 192kbps is not even close to optimal. Especially from HD onwards and even more with FullHD, the image is brilliant but the sound?

We changed these part within our new alugha update, we use OPUS format in the future. With Opus we save even more ressources (about 90% compared to the previous method) and we can still offer a better quality. A basic account has now 128k Opus or 192k AAC, a pro account 192k Opus or 256k AAC and a premium account 256k Opus or 320k AAC.

Haven't registered for a free of charge alugha account and haven't tested it yet? Start now! Here is the registration.

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