Public Beta is running and we already get first fixes!

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Our Public Beta is hardly running, there is already the first update. With version 1.0.4 we rectified a few important points.

  • If you were watching a YouTube video middle-sized and the following video was an alugha video, this has been resized to small screen. Changing then again to a YouTube video, the chosen screensize had not been kept. This setting is now handed for- and backwords with our new update and therefore the handling has been improved.

  • In a few cases, the playlist was concealed, when watching a middle size video, because it did not change the position. This mistake has been resolved as well.

  • There was a bigger task to solve in our extension. If you were watching a video directly out of a Channel, the alugha player would only start if you had manually reloaded the page. This is solved now.

  • With the optimisation of the code and a few data we could solve two problems regarding stability and performance.

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