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uncountable Widgets, pictures and headlines. The news are the centre, that's what we want to communicate. A special thanks to Steffen Petri, our company student, who got his head around our system and programed this Theme!

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Everything is hidden when reading and you have the peace to really focus on content. Now everything is really responsive, no matter on what device. If iPad, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, if a Samsung S5, HTC, M8, LG G2 ..... it really doesn't matter, it always looks cool and you can always read what's going on!

In addition to that we have a new, clearer contact form, so that you can get in touch with us even quicker. The new navigation is modern and only visible if you really need it.

You can find us on various web pages. At the top of this page you now find every platform you can connect with us. Right next to that on the left you finally find the new "search function" ....

This is just the start of this week, with regards to Design, Betas, Website, Blog, Extension, Player ....... a lot more will happen within the next days. So, STAY TUNED.

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