For Father's Day only the best updates in alugha

Up to know alugha couldn’t be started on YouTube because of this (for everyone who has installed the extension). This is now the past and everything runs as expected.

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Fix #2
The Default Language  we published just a few days ago (again, a BIG kudos to Niklas). But on YouTube only the audio track was running correctly, title and description didn’t. The new fix ensures that everything is displayed in the original language and completes this task.

New Feature
For the Producer a very welcome update :) So far, all videos have been displayed in the videos which were extended with alugha. If you now wanted to watch a video the side changed directly to YouTube. Also bad, you could only watch the video as alugha video if you had installed the browser extension. Now we created a pop-up window in the alugha player.


This now makes it very easy to watch the videos and to check whether the work is good and secondly it saves even a little of effort - and time.

We constantly move closer to the public-beta. You haven’t signed up for it? Then go and sign up here!

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