alugha player with further important updates

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  • We strongly improved the performance for Safari, Firefox and the Internet Explorer.

  • Once a video was finished playing and you clicked on the play button again it restarted... but without audio. We were able to locate the problem and solved it.

  • One of the real big improvements is something really special! Since this update we can handle mouse events inside the video. Let's say there is an advertisement or the YouTube logo or a call to action (like subscribe to my channel...) inside the video as an overlay you can click now on it and it will work and forward you.

  • This may seem to be all so "normal" at first glance , but this update has really something and brings alugha to a whole new level for all parties!

    We are really pleased that we can provide you this new features and keep going on! There is still so much left to do and we are simple over and over have new ideas to make alugha a bit better :)

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