alugha automatically play videos in the correct language - another update

it always started in the original language, you then went on the little globe at the bottom right in the player and then you switched onto the wanted language. This brings several larger (and also smaller) Cons:

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  1. The traffic is unnecessarily increased, because first of all, the original language gets loaded and then the other language (the one you originally looked for) when you press on the globe

  2. These means there is one unnecessary step needed to get into your  preferred language

  3. User can get confused to run a video first into a language they are not used to.

With this latest update our player makes multi lingual videos even easier than before as from now on alugha checks the browser default language, then checks if the video provides this language and after it will start it in the correct one. If the video does not provide this language, it always checks first if it is available in english also and if also not, it will start the video in its originally uploaded language. This procedure is even faster then one eyeshot and for YouTube Producers, for alugha an in fact for the audience it is - in our humble opinion - a very special and important update to the alugha services.

Do you also have ideas, suggestions and requests for our next update? We would welcome comments very much!

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