Disney's Oscar award-winning Frozen in 26 languages ​​in one video by alugha

The length of the video is 03:56 minutes and have a bit rate from around 30 Mbit/s, based on this we can calculate a file size ruffly 2.27 GB for the upload. For YouTube the work starts after the upload and so they are rendering the video into different resolutions. This leads us to a couple of new files which have to be stored on their servers for

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  • 1080p -> 2.27 GB

  • 720p -> 1.36 GB

  • 480p -> 648 MB

  • 360p -> 315 MB

  • 244p -> 138 MB

and that in turn means a complete need of 4.73 GB in storage... and this is only for one language! But as we mentioned before, we found it in 26 different languages, and here a big kudos to Disney, they are a real global player!

With 26 languages and based on what we got on values above for the upload we can now calculate 26 * 2.27 GB = 59.02 GB, and for the storage (without backups and worldwide cloud/shared computing on different servers) 26 * 4.73GB = 122.98GB. This numbers are really impressive.

We have taken this video as a real scale to calculate exactly what does that mean for the traffic in the upload and the necessary storage requirements by YouTube in storage. Started with the 2.27GB for the upload and the 4.73GB for the storage for the video in its original language (in our case english) we now need each new language as an audio track that will be uploaded to alugha. This audio track we need in MP3 (160 kbit/s) and WebM HD which means for each language 3.2MB + 1.6MB = 4.8MB. As we have taken 26 languages we now need for the audio part 4.8MB * 26 = 124.8MB and for the upload of the video 2.27GB and this means in the end 2.27GB + 0.1248GB = 2.40GB. For the storage we have now 4.73GB + 0.1248GB = 4.85GB.

Audio0.00124.8 MB
Video(s) 122.98 GB2.27 GB
Complete Traffic Upload59.02 GB2.40 GB
Complete Storage122.98 GB4.85 GB

For a video almost 04:00 min play time we save, believe it or not, (59.02GB - 2.4GB) 56.62GB at the Upload and (122.98GB - 4.85GB) 118.13GB for the Storage and this for only ONE video. These figures must be borne in mind once... It is getting even more impressive when we keep in mind, that every single minute 100 hours of video uploads happen on YouTube.

Effect on the popularity

alugha not only has an impact on traffic during the upload and the necessary storage space, the true currency in YouTube City is made up of clicks, and subscribers. The more subscribers for this channel, the more interesting AND important it is for YouTube, the bigger, the more important is a strategic partnership for the video platform provider. The clicks are a great importance for promotional partner in turn, the more clicks a YouTube producer has on his videos in his channel, the more exciting and the more clicks it has on a video, the more it is worth it for everyone involved.

particular video have 26 languages and is published for different people to different YouTube Channels from different uploaders, so lets have a closer look to each language and the views:

  • Chinese  ->22.706

  • Dansk -> 163.353

  • German -> 65.550

  • English -> 158.105.278

  • Finnish -> 15.314

  • Vlaams -> 10.457

  • French -> 13.235.489

  • Greek -> 1.516

  • Italian -> 402.925

  • Japanese -> 5.995.135

  • Malaysia / Muric -> 4.292

  • Dutch -> 891.848

  • Norwegian -> 148.557

  • Polish -> 2.367.578

  • Portugese -> 552.206

  • Romanian -> 176.592

  • Russian -> 75.833

  • Swedish -> 237.670

  • Serbian -> 88.771

  • Spanish (Latin Amerika) -> 8.422

  • Spanish (Spain) -> 154.782

  • Thai -> 852.649

  • Turkish -> 149.116

  • Hungarian -> 14.545

  • Vietnamese -> 229.862

Some of the languages are very successful (like English), some successful (French, Japanese), few bob in midfield and some are hardly worthy to be mentioned really. The advertisement will then be accordingly in the clips.

Remember that with alugha we only have one single video now and all clicks will focus on exactly this one which would mean in the end


clicks for this video, no matter wich language, no matter wich country one watched it and only this number would grow and grow and grow. For advertising partners a true blessing to place their advertising into such a video and for Disney it is an absolute argument with an incredibly successful video the the viewer itself.

But not only a video with so many languages may participate on the techniques alugha is offering. A video with only a single additional language would have the chance to increase its potential audience with a couple of 10 - 100M viewers world wide.

For YouTuber's only need one additional language our basis package is perfect and it is for free! If you need some more features we also offer our perfect Pro package. Why not just have a look to our different packages? (here)

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