Big update for the alugha player

Till now we just used the Google Chrome browser for our development and we made sure it will work like charm on that same browser, other browsers we - of course - know but we didn't wand care for them during the development and we kept our focus on getting alugha working well first. After we reached this milestone we started to shot on the screws and get it, browser by browser, working on them. First we made sure all important browsers in OS X worked well:

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After his task was done we started our real hard journey on the top dog Windows:

And last but not least of course we dived into the world of Linuxuser:

All in all,  in our opinion we are now covering up  a very large portion of Internet users, whether other browsers follow (especially in case of Internet Explorer) will show gradually of course, this also depends on how far these respective browser(s) supports the techniques which are necessary to make alugha also run smoothly.

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