is using alugha for videos with dialect

But how dies it look now with the correct dialects? On there is now the first video, which even goes a step further with alugha and the video is available in high German, English and the native dialect of the moderator (Bernd Korz), namely Palatine.

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Why are dialects so important?
Even in school we learn that we should necessarily speak High German and so the dialects die gradually. At least it seems ... The reality is different, however, alone Bavarian is used by about 13 million people and Palatine is used by about 1.5 million people and tend to these values ​​rise again. The same development / situation we find all over the world like in Switzerland in France or Spain ...

alugha therefore gives the possibility to offer different dialects as well. In our video the dialect is "Palatine", which is mainly spoken in Rhineland-Palatinate, parts of Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Saarland.

In order to provide a video with a dialect you have to pick out his dialect in the language table. For Palatine it is "pfl". In the alugha uploader you put that country code in yourself instead of chose one out of the drop list:


The rest is than as usual :)

If you may have questions just post them here and we try to answer as fast as possible.

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