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The control bar from left to right starts with the start/pause button, followed by volume and then position/playtime. On the right side there is a globe, when you click on it you will see all languages added to the video next is a gear which you use tu change the video resolution (720p, 1080p…) and last but not least there is the symbol for full screen/window mode. To embed the player into your own website you can easily use this code:

<iframe src="" height="330" width="590" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" >

The "4kYP4mbwXao" is the ID of the video one want to embed. "height" and "width" is the size of the player window. However, please note that our player will only work with videos that are connected to our alugha server (i.e. use alugha) and contain at least an original plus one additional language. A sample you can see in this Article . As Google's Chrome browser is simple the fasted and most stable with an amazing performant JS Engine we decide to keep our focus first on this one. On other browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, alugha may work but it is still not perfect. We are digging into the known issues and expect to have something running soon for you.

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