What operating systems are supported by alugha?

Unfortunately as everything in life this isn't the fully truth. To make alugha as secure as possible we use SSL certificates and exactly here the hare is buried, as we say in Germany. Windows XP as a sample doesn't support modern SSL certificates at all, at least not the ones we are using. And this case can happen with other older operating systems as well. In generally one can say, that alugha is running on most of all computer(systems) in the world.

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We tested alugha already on different Linux systems, BSD, Mac OS X, Windows Vista/7/8 and at all of them on different browsers as well. We can say that all modern operating systems are good for alugha.

We would be more than happy if you could share your own experience as a video producer or as a user in case of alugha. Which browser on which operating system did you use and what was/is your experience here...

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