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If you gonna add now English as audio track onto your video with alugha, how would that numbers look then? As first the maximum of viewers increases from 150 Mio up to at LEAST 1 Billion (1,000,000,000) as so many people will definitely understand English. Now we use the same calculation as before so 1% of that 1 Billion is already 10 Mio people left and another 1% from them means 100,000 people are still around being called "potential viewers" in the end!

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All this numbers we were aware of numbers one often use out of the world of fables. But what exactly does this now mean for you?

Look at the difference between the 15k without and the 100k viewers with alugha, this is almost 700% more! This fact will lead you to a very positive development of your video, the audience and your channel! With the input of 30 minutes you get maybe instead of €100 / year more than €700 / year with your advertising revenue. Calculate your income then per hour yourself!

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