alugha Goes East: WOLVES SUMMIT in Poland, nothing for lonesome wolves

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Day 0, Monday – first gathering

But first things first. The wolves summit doesn’t have to hide in sheep’s clothing. With 137 top-class speakers, more than 200 exhibitors and more than 1.000 participants from all over the world it’s already one of the top events of this type in Europe. After the registration the first gathering took place Monday evening in relaxed atmosphere at a beer party. This was our first opportunity to socialize and have interesting talks.

Day 1, Tuesday - the first official day

Besides interesting workshops the centerpiece for us is of course The Great Pitch on Wednesday. We really want to convince the Jury of alugha not only because of the 50.000 USD trophy, no, we want to convince them because we believe that alugha will change the world of online videos significantly in the future.

True to the motto “a lazy wolf won’t catch a sheep” we threw ourselves into the fray, made contact with other exciting start-ups, networked as hell and on top of that we also had 2 speed-datings. Speed-dating? That’s….. Correct, in principle it’s exactly the same. In a speed-dating Start-ups and investors get to know each other in a 20 minute talk. The trick is to introduce the company and the idea, short and precisely. We had 2 fantastic speed-datings, both discussion partners understood within seconds what we do and realized the potential of alugha. But this has nothing to do with the fact that our CEO Bernd Korz is a master of fast talking.

Day 2, Wednesday  – The Great Pitch

Luckily Bernd and Kasia had a workshop on “the perfect pitch” on Tuesday, which brought a lot of new advices and suggestions. So as with other start-up conferences we reworked the finished presentation, texted new, threw things over board and so on in the evening. Nevertheless, the excitement was big on Wednesday and the knees were shivering. The width of the movie theatre in which The Great Pitch took place could not change that. But our CEO held his 5 minute pitch presentation sovereign and also made a good impression in the following question and answer session. Clearly we could convince the Jury of alugha and the idea - even we didn’t make it to the final. Congratulations to our fellow campaigners SayYeahTV, Ourotech, Liftago, shair Project, SoAmpli and Tesla Studios - we are happy for you guys and keep our fingers crossed for you.

Day 3, Thursday - Booth duty

Everyone of the 60 participants got a booth space for one day to present the business model and the idea to an even wider audience. After Bernd and Kasia finished the Wednesday with a relaxing dinner, the thoughts were already circulating about how to improve the pitch for the next event.

Thursday itself focused on new business relationships as well as Venture Capitalists and technological & distribution partnerships. Our booth was the centre of a lot of interesting and indicatory talks and discussions which gave us a lot of new thoughts and ideas.


The wolves summit made its way into the ranking of the most important European start-up congresses. We are very proud to having been there. We can be excited if the concept can be transfered into other countries or continents.

Our personal result, even when going home without the trophy: We are heading in the right direction! Again, the positive feedback and the big interest in alugha confirmed that our idea will change the future of online videos. We look forward to reach our goal with our future partners.

And last but not least - The Great Pitch Winner. Our respect to Ourotech. You made it! Congratulations!

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