Amsterdam beyond cheese and tulips - 2 days the melting pot of the startup scene

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… both were incredibly busy! Bernd and Ithamar presented our solution more than 70 times - and hardly had any break. The interest was overwhelming, so that we were definitely understaffed with only 2 persons being there. There were not only meetings with potential investors, video-producers or enterprises, there were also a lot of star tups who recognised the added value of alugha and who want to use it themselves. We also noticed that especially among the start ups WOMM, meaning Word of Mouth Marketing, works brilliantly. We think that this is down to our presence on various conferences that we are now able to harvest the fruits, and also we could experience that the start up scene is a homogenous and open minded group, which supports each other wherever possible - that’s why a lot of people got sent to our booth by others, to have a look at alugha - we love to work this way!

We were of course totally over the moon when representatives of the worldwide biggest online retailer asked for a presentation of alugha. We showed various application possibilities and the use of it in different business areas. Saying they liked it would be a slight understatement. No, they were really enthusiastic and definitely want to have further talks with us - we are ready for them and also a little proud! This certainly was one of the highlights of both days, but we also had exciting and promising appointments with further big and small companies. So a Swiss mobile service provider was impressed by our solution and they are thinking about using alugha.

We could also cause real excitement by video and movie producers, especially those who offer their videos in several languages. Within seconds they understood the impact it would give if they would use alugha. Besides the time saving also the bundling of views on only one multilingual video and the concomitant financial profit were convincing them.

Also important were the talks we had with potential investors, mainly from the US-market. Some faces we knew already, others were completely new to us. These discussions always encourage us and newly confirm that we are heading in the right direction. Besides that they also give a lot of new impulses and ideas to further improve alugha.

All in all did we have two great days and we look forward to all new challenges we are facing, continuing the conversations, founding new partnerships, attracting customers and taking alugha into the world. We also look forward to a short recovery before we fly to the States at the beginning of May. We will attend the Collision Conference in Las Vegas on the 5th and 6th of May and the Streaming Media East in New York on the 12th and 13th of May. We are already excited about this trip, the events, and the exciting moments we might have.

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