Las Vegas Collision Conf 2015 - Roundup

It were really two crazy, smashing, exciting but also exhausting days for us in Las Vegas. After our arrival () we started the crunch time. It wasn’t an easy decision whether to take on all those exertions and if spending the time and effort will be worth while. But as always in life, at the right place to the right time and all doubts are gone.

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After we registered and got our batches on Monday, we started Tuesday at 9 am. Our booth was already prepared and we only had to connect our laptops and load the right pages. After 10 minutes everything was set up and after 20 minutes we already had the first presentations. Throughout the day we met big enterprises, video platforms from India, China and other countries, producers of different movies and companies. Amongst all those there were also really big highlights (whereas EVERY contact is a highlight!) So there were two big companies working in the online movie branch, which were interested in alugha and like to cooperate with us and there was also - our pathes are crossing quite often at the moment - a producer from Disney, who produced a very well-known movie (we are not gonna tell which one!) and he was absolutely excited about alugha straight away.

We spread around a lot of flyers, exchanged business cards and had a lot of fun, again we take a lot of motivation and excitement home with us and we know that we are heading in the right direction!

At this point we like to thank again our whole team and our supporters and freelancers, that you guys make all this happen! We weren’t here without you and we coundn’t make the next steps in the USA!

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