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As in recent weeks we have been - despite the crazy weather - active and released another small update on alugha. This time the interface and the usability was our main focus and we optimized various areas. So for example you directly get to the Single Video Page (SVP) when clicking the alugha logo within the player and you can watch multilingual videos within a stylish surrounding. As with our last big update we eventually support Facebook Videos, the Dashboard was far too cramped for us; Channel-Tables are not separated by individual platforms anymore, instead we combined all channels in one table. The logo in the front shows where the respective channels are being hosted. (Yes, we like circles…)  Therefore we also ball-shaped the individual symbols of the avatars of the subscribed channels as well as the own channels (like already on the Producer-Page) and the SVP, and so we come much closer to our desired Look&Feel. In matter of clarity we combined the two “buttons” for channel as well as platform. If you mouse-over, the respective logo of YouTube or Facebook appears and you directly access those pages by only clicking once.

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Our Single Video Page (SVP) is one of our centrepieces, that’s why we always put a special focus on it. The style has a lot of room for improvements, but we are working on it, so that it get’s better and better with every update. Currently we colour-coordinated the big white description box. It now fits much better in the overall picture.:-)

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-13 um 18.03.53

Rooting around in videos is possible on various places in alugha, but the real “shelter” is and stays our “/all” ...  Sounds trivial, but it’s just cool. If you access the video overview page you see all videos sorted by date of publication. So far we had significantly smaller thumbnails, which didn’t really cater the needs of those small “masterpieces”. The preview images are now displayed for every language differently and besides that a bit enlarged. Thus, much more information can be put in those boxes in the future. In our previous version it happened that a video was displayed twice or even more often - not anymore, cause we fixed it! ;-) alugha works as genius on Facebook or YouTube, therefore you only need our free Extension. As you don’t forget to install it and as you don’t have to switch to a new page, we embedded a new banner above. So you directly see if you have installed the extension and you can close it if needed.

To securely transfer your data, we rely on https:// for quite a while now. Google shortly announced that sha1 won’t be classified as safe anymore in the near future and relies on sha2. A good decision! But, we didn’t want to wait as long and therefore already switched our complete system to sha2 for you. So using alugha and all its videos is absolutely safe, directly on our platform as well as anywhere where you embedded the alugha extended videos.

We further optimized our uploader in the backend and re-worked the droplists. Further we even fine-tuned the steadiness and the performance. You directly notice it, if you load the videos or want to change the language - quasi the same as in search!

As last week, we really look forward to announce further big updates over the next weeks. And again, as all planned optimization will be as good as we want them to be we need your Feedback! We can only “grow” and get better this way. ☺

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